Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bibi Woos Techies, Demands Bombing of Iran

By Kurt Nimmo

"Red Herring, on the other hand, provides an explanation. Netanyahu issued his warning about Iran, another in a long and tedious series of warnings designed to prompt America to invade the country, at the behest of Ken Wornick and Larry Greenfield of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Wornick said “he hoped that Mr. Netanyahu would help convince moderate Democrats in Silicon Valley to consider supporting Likud,” the fascist political party that grew out of the racist ideology of Ze’ev Jabotinsky. According to Wornick, there “are a lot of people on the fence,” that is to say they either don’t care about Israel’s obsession with Iran or don’t see what Iran has to do with technology stocks. Wornick and Netanyahu want to convert them to the cause, never mind it is hardly in their best interest.

In fact, the event was staged primarily for Bibi’s diatribe, basically an anti-Iran dog and pony show tacked on to a speech about investment opportunities in Israel, a country that should have an investment image worse than the former apartheid state of South Africa, but doesn’t, thanks to the corporate media.

In his view, he said, if Israel were to disappear, the threat posed by Islamic extremism would extend to Europe and eventually the United States. Thus, it is not any more a ‘Jewish issue’ than Hitler was, he said. He received a standing ovation,” mostly from the Republican Jewish Coalition and friends of Amatzia Ben Artzi, CEO and co-founder of NetPost along with Menachem Livni, an Israeli publishing tycoon.

Naturally, as always, Bibi implored the United States to attack its declared enemy. It’s not enough the “Jewish State” lives off the succor of blindsided American taxpayers, who are generally none the wiser, but also demands the Pentagon expend its dwindling resources, supposedly marshaled to protect America, to go after the Iranians, who never did anything to America, or for that matter Israel. “We must do everything to ensure that [US President] Bush holds to his promises to prevent a [nuclear] armed Iran, but we must also prepare Israel for defending itself should the need arise,” avowed Bibi. It was, of course, a “promise” extracted by Israel First neocons in Bush’s administration.

“Netanyahu claimed the international community was taking Ahamdinejad’s threats too lightly,” the Post concludes. In other words, a lot of folks are hep to Israel’s perennial scam and tired of its incessant exaggerations and endless Holocaust incantation, replete with bromidic references to Hitler.

In other words, Israel will goad the United States into attacking Iran, thus keeping its “promise,” more akin to an economic death knell. No doubt more than a few Silicon Valley investors understand this madness will ultimately send their game spinning wildly off the skids. But then, if we are to believe Red Herring, it was primarily Jewish and Republican, that is to say neocon, technology investors who soaked up the fascist ambiance of Bibi Netanyahu, the possible next leader of Israel, that is if the people of the small outlaw state, citizens of the “only democracy in the Middle East,” continue their propensity to elect racists and warmongers."

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