Sunday, November 12, 2006

USA pushing Arabs into extremism

By Khalid Amayreh

"Occupied Jerusalem - Only the gullible amongst us Palestinians would have expected the Bush administration not to veto the latest draft resolution at the UN Security Council, which would have provided a modicum of protection to Palestinian civilians in Gaza from recurrent Israeli massacres.

John Bolton, the fascist-minded American ambassador to the UN who actually hates the UN and strongly advocates American unilateralism, was in no way about to transform himself and the policies he is instructed to represent into altruism and self-abnegation.

After all, such ideals and universal human values nearly always constitute ‘the’ exact antithesis of American foreign policy which is based on greed and rapacity and hostility to peoples’ aspirations for freedom, independence and deliverance from the stranglehold of American imperialism.

There is no doubt that the scuttling by the US of the latest draft resolution, which was extremely mild in tone, is another example of the contempt with which the US views the international community, international legality and the UN itself.

Of course, this is not news for us in this part of the world. We have been too accustomed to watching, rather helplessly, the Zio-Nazis in Israel commit one massacre after another against innocent people in the Middle East.

In fact, one would exaggerate very little by saying that Israel’s history is an uninterrupted serial of massacres and atrocities from Dir Yassin to Beit Hanun.

The horrible frequency of these massacres is only matched by the equally affronting frequency of American complicity with Israel at the UN where every Israeli massacre is met with an American veto to shield the Nazis of our time from international condemnation and to prevent justice from the victims.

It is as if the veto-prerogative had been devised solely to protect Israel and enable it to behave and act like a lawless state with impunity.

As to Arab reactions, it is abundantly clear that we have seen the same futile rituals repeat and reproduce themselves ad nauseam. Israel commits a massacre, the Arab League or a given Arab country asks for an urgent session of the UN Security Council, behind-the-curtain bargaining takes place, and then the US scuttles the resolution, with its veto power.

And then everyone goes back to the previous mode, awaiting the next massacre, to be followed by the next American veto. And so the travesty goes, a massacre followed by a veto followed by another massacre followed by another veto. This happens while Arab states and their feeble supporters keep ranting and raving about international law and international legitimacy and Israeli violations.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the massacres, whether in Palestine or Lebanon, will continue unabated so long as the occupation continues and as long as the Arabs continue their self-inflicted weakness and shameful subservience to their oppressors across the Atlantic.

However, this doesn’t mean that things will remain static and America and Israel will have their way in this part of the world. America, thanks to her misguided policy in our region, is forcing tens of millions of Arab youngsters to choose between joining the ranks of the slaves or joining the ranks of Bin Laden.

And, yes, the vast majority might eventually join the ranks of Bin Laden, not so much because they are infatuated with his style and way of thinking, but rather because every other choice they are being offered is uglier than ugliness and void of liberty, dignity and human rights."

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