Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Palestinian population close to 10 millions worldwide

"Ramallah - Based on data revealed by the Palestinian central statistics apparatus, Palestinian population worldwide has reached 9.8 millions in mid 2005, including 5 millions living in the diaspora, 1.1 inside the 1948-occupied lands, and 3.7 millions in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Head of the apparatus Luay Shabana anticipated that the number will double within the coming two decades, attributing his anticipation to the ability of the Palestinian community to maintain its demographic structure and the high fertility percentage it enjoys, which was estimated at 5.6 births in the year 2003.

The data furthermore classified the Palestinian community as a "youthful community" with percentage of those falling in the age category of less than 14 years old estimated at 46%, those between 15-24 reach 33%, which is opposite to the Israeli community which was classified as an "aging" community. "

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