Monday, November 13, 2006

Who are the Terrorists: Massacre in Gaza: Photographic Evidence

by Michel Chossudovsky

"We bring to the attention of Global Research readers photographic evidence of the Israeli sponsored massacres in Gaza.

While most of these pictures pertain to the recent massacre in the village of Beit Hanoun and its tragic aftermath, some of them pertain to earlier periods including the July massacres.

The Western media has been involved in a criminal coverup. "Immediately after the facts became known, the entire choir of professional apologists, explainers-away, sorrow-expressers and pretext-inventors, a choir that is in perpetual readiness for such cases, sprang into feverish action." (Uri Avnery).

Who are the people who are planning to commit atrocities? Who are the victims of these atrocities?

British intelligence no doubt in liason with their Israeli counterparts contributed in a timely fashion to turning realities upside down.

The victims are presented as the aggressors. The aggressors are the victims.

The massacres took place on the 8th of November. On the 9th, the head of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller in a speech approved by the government of Prime minister Tony Blair, warned:

"My officers and police are working to contend with some 200 networks, totalling over 1,600 identified individuals actively engaged in plotting terrorist acts here and overseas. And there will be many we don't know, too...Killing oneself and others is an attractive option for some citizens. The threat is serious, is growing and will be with us for a generation. It is a sustained campaign. It aims to wear down our will to resist.... It is the youth being targeted, groomed, radicalised and set on a path that frighteningly quickly could end in mass murder of their fellow UK citizens - or their early death in a suicide attack on a foreign battlefield."

Also on the 9th of November, the British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett delivered a similar message in a speech at the Royal United Services Institute. While underscoring that "the Muslim communities in this country did not ask the terrorists to act in their name,'' the veiled implication is that Muslims are terrorists.

The following morning, November 10th, the demonization of Muslims and Arabs went into full gear. The British tabloids were plastered with images of suspected Al Qaeda terrorists. According to The Daily Telegraph, quoting Dame Eliza, "Islamic militants linked to al-Qa'eda were recruiting teenagers to carry out suicide attacks and will use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons if they get the chance." The Beit Hanoun massacres were briefly acknowledged and dismissed.

We share the grief of the Palestinian people.

We call upon national governments throughout the world to take a stance in relation to the crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli government and military.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 12 November 2006

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