Friday, November 17, 2006

Lebanese daily publishes letter to MP Saad Hariri during July war, with plan to "terminate" Hezbollah

Toni Nissi (right)


"Al-Manar special report – Fatima Mussaoui – Translated / The Lebanese daily "Addiyar" unveiled a letter that was sent by Toni Nissi, the Policy Chief of the International Lebanese Committee to implement UN resolution 1559, to the head of the so called majority, MP Saad Hariri, on the 17th of July – four days after the Israeli aggression against Lebanon began. According to Addiyar, the letter said: "Your Excellency the head of the Future Movement parliamentary bloc Sheikh Saad Hariri, as a result to the work and follow up with the American administration in Washington, the Security Council in New York and the European Parliament in Belgium, particularly NATO members, we are glad to inform you of the following: A- The intended scenario: First: After three day on the Israeli army military campaign, the operations have radically transformed from an attempt to pressure the Lebanese government to disarm Hezbollah and bind Lebanon to sign a peace accord through creating a new "security zone" after destroying Lebanon's infrastructure, to stop this operation and move to an alternative plan. The agreed upon plan is to totally destroy Hezbollah's military structure and leave the mission of "pressure" to the United States and the international community. Second: After Hezbollah's military structure is totally destroyed, and not before that, the United States and France will present a draft resolution to the UN Security Council, that we would also take part in preparing, to deploy international forces under Chapter Seven of the UN charter, on the Lebanese-Israeli and the Lebanese-Syrian borders, with full authority to implement UN resolutions 1559 and 1680. Third: Any ceasefire, should it take place, will not be permanent unless it leads to a mechanism by which illegal weapons in Lebanon are withdrawn. Fourth: In this battle, Hezbollah has proven itself as a terrorist organization with huge potentials, and therefore, the international community, especially the United States and Europe, have decided that this campaign does not stop unless Hezbollah is totally crushed. In section "B" of the letter sent to MP Hariri, Toni Nissi explains the reasons behind the aggression saying: First: Because the "Cedars Revolution" has been frozen and the rounds of national dialogue have become a heterodoxy. Second: Because destroying Hezbollah is a US priority, especially if it is to go for standoff with Iran. Third: Because Hezbollah, without deploying deterrent international forces under Chapter Seven and without controlling Lebanon's border with Syria, no matter how much Israel or the United States hit it, will emerge stronger than before when a ceasefire is put into effect. In section "C" of the letter the Policy chief touched on the measures taken by Hezbollah during the aggression. And in section "D" Nissi asks "what should we do?" He then answers: First: Launch a massive media campaign against Hezbollah, with a Christian characteristic and a bid to involve some Shiites in it. Second: Issue a resolution by the Lebanese government calling the United Nations to interfere to implement international resolutions and help the government to practice its authority on all Lebanese soil, even if this leads to the withdrawal or resignation of the Hezbollah and Amal ministers from the government. "

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