Sunday, December 31, 2006

Journalist: Brace for guerilla warfare in Golan

Syrian journalist tells Ynet Israel's poor performance against Hizbullah last summer buoyed Assad who is seeking to mobilize Syrian people for a possible confrontation with Israel to free Golan Heights, says Israel is not interested in peace

"Israel 's poor performance against Hizbullah last summer boosted support for President Bashar Assad 's popularity among the Syrian people who are ready for confrontation with Israel, a senior Syrian journalist told Ynet.

"There is no doubt that the Lebanon war and the Israeli defeat are a source of encouragement, and also a source for recruiting the Syrian people who see itself as a pioneer and example to other Arab people. It is looking at how the Lebanese defeated and expelled the Israelis from their land while its land remains occupied. "The Syrian people understood the possibility that a war will break out, even at the price Damascus and Syrian cities being bombarded," a senior Syrian journalist told Ynet.

His words reflect the Syrian regime's mood as Israel continues to shun Syrian peace overtures.

Assad has been signaling willingness to talk peace with the Jewish state, but on the other hand, the journalist says, "The principle is that so long we haven't freed our land in a peaceful path, we are entitled to do so militarily. The Syrian people in the occupied Golan Heights have the right to return to their homeland." "


Personally I have my doubts, but I am posting the "interview" for what it is worth. There is a huge difference between the motivation and the caliber of Hizbullah fighters and the troops of any Arab regime, including Syria. The regime's military power is not structured to fight to liberate the Golan; the command structure is based on loyalty to the regime. The foot soldier is not motivated and would surrender at the first opportunity, as we saw in the past.

I think that these are just noises being made by the Asad regime. One day he sends "peace" feelers to the U.S. and Israel, the next day he huffs and puffs. We are too old and too familiar with this type of impotent regime. It just wants an opening for romance with Uncle Sam; nothing more, nothing less.

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