Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam is dead, move on (and Zeyad's read of the future)

"US media likes to pick on things. You know, find an event or incident and make a gala spectacle of it. For days and weeks on end.

But the US media in Iraq likes to focus on some issues in order to blanket other more important issues.

For example, why are no US papers examining how Badr has become the Iraqi state? Or that Sadr's forces have become the municipality?

What future of Iraq could there possibly be?

Saddam is dead. And Iraq is likely to die with him. He said Iraq is nothing without him and proving him right are all the sectarians routinely killing the country for the sake of foreign powers.

In any case, Zeyad (Healing Iraq) gives us a picture of the future of Iraq even though he may not have intended to be a soothsayer:

"It utterly disgusts me that Sadr's supporters have infiltrated every level of the state, and that the witnesses, including Iraqi government officials, have made this look like a sectarian issue. They were doomed to repeat Iraqi history by hanging their former oppressor and labeling it as justice. In a perfect situation, Saddam's execution would have united Iraqis, but thanks to the actions of the new Iraqi rulers, it will only serve to divide further. I doubt any of them will prevail as much as Saddam did, though."

Like I said yesterday, this is the new Iraq? It is far, far worse than during Saddam's time.

And this is just the beginning, I cannot stress that enough. It will simply get worse.

Saddam's execution will be a footnote in the history of Iraq which has executed itself

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