Monday, April 23, 2007

From the Surreal File: Make-Believe Government Promoting Tourism to Make-Believe State

Palestinian minister of tourism generates support from Arab nations for Palestinian tourist industry

Contributed by Lucia

"Bethlehem – Ma'an – Palestinian minister of tourism and antiquities, Khouloud Daibes, has returned to the Palestinian territories after taking part in a conference for the Arab ministers of tourism, which was held in Beirut between the 14th and 19th of April.

Dr Daibes updated the Arab representatives on the tourism situation in the Palestinian territories and the major role of this sector in promoting and developing the Palestinian economy.

She also explained the obstacles that are hindering the development of tourism in the Palestinian territories, including the Israeli occupation and the international embargo imposed on the Palestinian people.

On the minister's request, the Arab council for tourism ratified a decision to support tourism in the Palestinian territories through funding the tourism ministry's participation in Arab and international tourist exhibitions which are to be held this year. The Arab council will also provide technical support to develop a strategy for promoting Palestinian tourism.

Before travelling to Beirut, the Palestinian minister of tourism met with the Jordanian Prime Minister, Ma'roof Al-Bakhit and minister of tourism, Osama Dabbas in Amman. While in Beirut, Daibes held several meetings with Lebanese clerics and members of parliament. "

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