Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Hot Air From Chief Windbag

Mash'al warns: "Palestinians cannot tolerate the prevailing situation and it may blow up"

"Bethlehem – Ma'an – Head of the Hamas politburo, Khaled Mash'al, warned of the continuation of the crippling economic embargo and Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

Mash'al said that Israeli measures seek to block any political horizon between Israel and Palestinians. He said that Israel aims to corner Palestinians in order to force them to make more concessions. "The Palestinians," Mash'al says, "will not tolerate the prevailing situation and it may blow up."

Mash'al spoke to the press following his meeting with the Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Mousa. He says "after the Mecca agreement was signed, the unity government was composed and the Arab Summit has made decisions, everyone is looking forward to lifting the siege imposed on the Palestinian people, yet it is moving in slow motion."

He added: "The Palestinian people are hoping that the Arab nations and the international community will break the embargo and send aid to the Palestinians, however, everything is going very slowly. The unity government has been composed for two months and the siege still prevails in the Palestinian territories shattering the great hope of the Palestinians when the unity government was formed."

"We are discussing with the Secretary General of the Arab League a quick Arab move, which is very urgently needed in order to break the siege, and after that, the European countries will take a similar step. Then we have to construct different strategies regarding the US and Israel," Mash'al added......."



What a pathetic, incompetent "leader." He hitches his hopes and the Palestinian future to the wagon of the so-called Arab League! He is expecting the very same Usraeli puppets to have the backbone to do anything and to stand up to their master. Is this leadership? Have the Palestinians learned anything about the Arab regimes in 90 years of struggle? Apparently not. Next we will see Hamas' leaders begging the puppet boy king of Jordan to help mediate with Israel, since he is Israel's favorite "Arab" stooge. Don't laugh now; a trip to Jordan by Habila is being arranged.

Notice that even the terms Mash'al uses are now taken from Condoleezza's book. An example is, " block any political horizon...." Rice was the first to introduce "political horizon" to the "peace process" rhetoric. After that all the puppets, starting with Abbas started using the term; now Mash'al is on board.

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