Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part V.

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto part V or you may call it the "Hot Bed".
The rules have not changed : If you don't like it...move on.
As for others, who tolerate my "bad" language, you will undoubtedly agree with me that Part V is long overdue

By Layla Anwar

".....For me, the whole of Iraq is a hot bed...a burning bed, an inflamed spot...that will devastate you, once and for all. You motherfuckers.

They blew the Sarafiya bridge up and now they are constructing a wall to separate the "sooneees from the shiites". They can't even pronounce the damn word. They would not know what a sunni or a shia is...just as they can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground.

But,I have news for you. There is nothing to tell, you fucking idiots.
We have intermarried and lived together as ONE for hundreds of years...until the self flagellating hypocrites from Qum took over backed by your shits called the brave boys.

And your brave boys...Don't make me laugh please. Most of them have not been in an airplane in their lives...Hence they join their army. Free travel. I kind of miss Juba, the sniper of Baghdad...really.

So what happens if someone is married to a sunni or a shia, will they fuck across a wall...? Like mind fuck across the sectarian wall that you have erected ? Or should they get an authorization from the Al Sadr rapists, or from Maliki the dual ass licker or maybe from your smelly ugly "brave boys"?

Since you cannot erect anything else, you erect walls...A sign of your impotence maybe? Which reminds me of your anglo-saxon brothers, the Brits. They "sexed up" the lies about WMD's. The word "sexed up" was used on a daily basis in your media prior to the "liberation". Must have been a real turn on, bombing an innocent country.
What can one expect from rapists but this kind of thrill?

So what's the story of hotbeds and erected walls? Something missing in your bedrooms maybe...a misplaced sexual frustration transposed across the ocean? The judeo-christian mind set must have had you right below the belly...

And now we have the enlightened "experts" on Iraq, telling us that soooneees were favored in the the detriment of others. Bang your heads against the wall like your jewish brethren...and keep talking to that wall.

A wall in Palestine and a wall in Baghdad...And you fuckers are so stupid, you can't even see the similarities...and those of you who do see...Oh well, Ahmadimidget has promised you some inflatable dolls, more inflatable dolls to tintillate your fantasies...But do me a favor, don't use the real sufferings of the Iraqis to balloon your plastic dolls will you?......

I wake up every day and wonder, who is dead who is alive today...I wonder will I be alive or dead today...and how much more can I take without imploding, exploding.
But you want me to explode and you want me to implode. This is your aim.

And I tell you, I am here to stay to remind you of your impotence and your failure. Not only have you failed like your jewish zionist neurotic complexed frigid friends who erect walls in the name of Zion covering up for their fake divine orgasms, you are also defeated you motherfuckers...DEFEATED. You may want to erect a hundred are already history. And tell your friends from EYE RAN, that they are defeated too......

My oh my, dual occupations. Nay, triple occupations. Nay, quadruple occupations. And they are mighty hard. But true Iraqis are hard hard as your walls. You know hard? That thing you cannot get, so you build cement instead...

And I still can't get over the fact, you are incapable of pronouncing the damn words correctly...Mediocrity is your motto. You absolutely adore mediocrity. You love it, thrive on it and revel in it. Mediocrity is safe. Very safe. And you America are a mediocre people. I don't give a fuck about your technological progress, nor about your discoveries, or your so called scientific advancements. In my eyes, you have always been and remain mediocre...You lost the essential and this is what matters most but it seems not to matter to you......"

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