Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hamas, as Usual, Speaks with Two Voices

Ghazi Hamad warns of the collapse of the ceasefire

"Gaza – Ma'an - The spokesperson of the Palestinian Prime Minister's office, Ghazi Hamad, warned that the ceasefire is precarious due to the Israeli forces' continued atrocities against the Palestinian people.

Hamad said in a statement that the Palestinian government supports the continuation of the ceasefire in accordance with Palestinian interests, and in order to protect Palestinians from Israeli assaults.

The Palestinian government affirmed the necessity of ending Israeli hostilities and frequent threats to invade the Gaza Strip.

The government declared that it will consult Palestinian factions in order to follow-up with developments in the ceasefire and to protect the people's interests, said Ghazi Hamad. "


At the same time, the military wing of Hamas declares that the "truce" has ended. Which wing do we believe or trust?

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