Saturday, April 21, 2007

Habila's Upside Down World

Haneyya: Security plan to protect resistance

"Ismail Haneyya, the PA premier, on Friday announced that the security plan endorsed by his cabinet almost a week ago would protect the Palestinian resistance.

Haneyya, addressing the Friday congregation in Omari mosque in Jabalia to the north of the Gaza Strip, said that the security plan would not harm resistance.

"The plan is not like past ones, rather it will end (security) chaos" while preserving resistance, the premier asserted.

He explained that the plan was designed to end the security mess and to check the unruly families and gangs in addition to thwarting attacks on citizens' property......"

A Comment:

What is he talking about? He must think that we are all stupid and uninformed, like him. The reality is that the "security forces" are under the Usraeli stooge Abbas. These forces are being expanded, trained and armed with direct aid from the U.S., Jordan and Egypt, among others, with Israeli support. We also know that "security coordination" meetings are taking place regularly between Abbas' people, the Israelis, the Egyptians and the chief coordinator and the man who is the real boss of the Palestinian "forces" and that is the American Keith Dayton. The purpose of the "security" plan, as announced by Abbas, is to deploy forces along the Gaza borders to prevent "arms smuggling" from Egypt and to prevent the Palestinian resistance from carrying out any attacks. After the expansion of these forces, the Usraeli plan, to which Abbas is committed, is to disarm the resistance by force.

These are the facts, which we are well aware of. So why does Habila continue to deceive and lie about the "security" plan protecting the resistance? The fact is that this plan is to end the resistance. This Orwellian upside down world of Habila is a direct result of the major contradictions of Hamas (which is supposed to be a resistance movement) forming a partnership with an Usraeli agent such as Abbas, who makes no secret of his plans to end the resistance and to keep his role as Usrael's chief hire-a-cop.

This Habila belongs in a mental institution and not in "government." If Hamas decides to become a resistance movement again (which I doubt), the first act to restore some of its lost credibility is to pull out of this sham "government" and to insist on dissolving the PA, otherwise it should be considered as an extension of the occupation and dealt with accordingly.

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