Thursday, April 19, 2007

Popular Committee says: Buy Palestinian products, produce locally, and invest in Palestine!

"Ramallah - Ma'an - The popular committee to support Palestinian products has stressed the importance of obtaining the support of all sections of Palestinian society in order to end the Palestinians' dependency on the Israeli economy.

In a statement, the committee secretary Salih Hammad said that it is important to create new peaceful methods of struggle against the Israeli economic occupation. This can be achieved through creating a culture that encourages Palestinians to buy and use Palestinian products, the statement said.

In his statement, Hammad added that it is important to make the consumer trust the product and that can be achieved by advising the producers to improve their products. He also suggested that Palestinian traders be encouraged to refrain from importing products which the Palestinian producers produce themselves. He also said Palestinian capitalists should be encouraged to invest their money inside Palestine and not outside.

He also stressed the importance of the role of the decision-makers in the government and in the private sector. The statement stressed that the media can also play an important role in this regard through publishing the goals of such a culture. "

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