Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Peace Initiative" as a Cover for Normalizaion with Israel

Arab Initiative Committee calls for direct negotiations between Arab countries and Israel

"Following a meeting between 13 Arab foreign ministers in the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, the Arab Initiative Committee has called for holding an international conference aimed at launching direct negotiations with Israel, across all diplomatic tracks.

The committee revealed their decision to form a taskforce to contact the Israeli government, and to deduce strategies aimed at reviving and promoting the Arab peace initiative, ratified in the 2002 Beirut summit, and reactivated in Riyadh last month.

The committee also decided to hold an extraordinary meeting of Arab foreign ministers in the first half of June, to be held in Cairo......"


So far the obedient Arab puppets have been executing Condoleezza's orders and script for normalizing relations with Israel. The whole strategy of launching the "peace initiative" is nothing but a cover for all the Arab regimes to start engaging Israel directly in a process of normalization. Olmert and Livni said to the Arabs (by way of Rice) normalize relations with Israel first then Israel might start thinking about some limited withdrawals. Condoleezza laid down the foundation of this evolving process when she met in Jordan with the Security Chiefs of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates (so-called Arab quartet) in Jordan over a month ago; that was an extraordinary meeting.

The main objective is to forge a real working alliance between Israel and the surrogate Arab regimes to further Usraeli goals in the region and to try to crush any resistance to these plans. For the Palestinians the stench of a sellout is in the air. The real tragedy is that the supposed representatives of the Palestinians are part and parcel of this sellout.

The next likely step in this Condoleezza-choreographed dance is to have the Arab "working committees" submit the "initiative" to the Security Council to gain "international legitimacy." At that point, the U.S. will see to it that the right of return and the return of East Jerusalem, among other things, are stripped out of it. The Arab quislings will of course go along since this will be the "international mandate" and the will of the "international community." Then the Palestinian "leadership" will have at least three layers of cover to cover this betrayal: the cover of the "unity government," the "Arab consensus" cover and the "international will" cover. They will blame the sellout on everyone else, but themselves. Already Habila says that, "freeing Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is an Arab and Muslim collective responsibility."

Along the way, relations between most of the Arab regimes and Israel, at many levels will be established.

So, let us celebrate the emerging Axis of Israel-Egypt-Jordan-Saudi Arabia-UAE (and the rest of the kennel), all in preparation to confront the "real enemy," which is Iran and Hizbullah, of course.

Tony Sayegh

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