Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sheikh al-Dhari: The Occupation will not Stay Here for More Than a Few Days

"....Dear Afflicted Iraqi People!
Today is the fourth anniversary of the occupation of our country by the global arrogant forces led by the United States of America.

This oppressor, unjust and aggressor state invaded our country under false pretexts and lie pretexts which they have already confessed.

They came under the name of democracy, liberalization and in the name of prosperity, in the name of happiness, and other terms that do not have any sense. We know the name and the name of democracy. They brought us destruction, sabotage, murder and bloodshed.

Indeed, this country does not entrust to the people who do not fear of Allah (swt) and do not take care of their people.

Dear Free Iraqis!

Indeed the night of the occupation ended. So, you should be patient and persistent adherence to the land. It is duty for you to be brothers and tolerant each other. Do not agree with the workers of occupation and the occupation itself which wants to separate you from each other on behalf of sectarianism, Shiism or others. Do not give any opportunity to them for using.

O our citizens from northern Iraq to the south, from east to the west!

Work together and cooperate for the expulsion of the occupation which is your first enemy.
Your enemy imposed sedition as using the names of Shia or Sunni, Kurd or Arab or others.

You should not give them an opportunity…

It is your first enemy. It uses the sedition among you in the name of Shia or Sunni, Arab or Kurds or others. Over the past four years the occupation is playing on this sedition in a way of known differences. They will not benefit from this way insaallah but at the end they will be devastated and lost.

They will be out of our country.

Unrepentant departure…

Shameful departure with the help of Allah Almighty......"

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