Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Abbas Threatens with More Farting (Thrat 'Ala Balat)

".....Abbas: I'll ask Olmert to restart peace negotiations

Abbas said Tuesday he'll urge Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in their upcoming meeting to start talks on a final peace deal......

Abbas said Tuesday that in the meeting, he'll demand the resumption of peace talks that broke down in 2001, in the early months of the second intifada.

"I will reaffirm the necessity to start negotiations so we are not stuck in a relentless cycle of violence," Abbas said......

"If the Israelis want to minimalize the agenda, it is my duty as the elected president of the Palestinian people to put every single issue vigorously on the table," Abbas said. "


We smelled that fart many times before; so what is new this time? Should I hold my breath?

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