Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ismael Haneyya: Gaza remains steadfast despite the conspirers

From Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

".....Speaking during a 90-minute speech in downtown Gaza, Haneyya blamed the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority for colluding with the Zionist regime for the purpose of starving, impoverishing and tormenting the Palestinian people. “They (the American-backed PA) collaborated with Israel at the UN to scrap an international resolution condemning Israel . This happened for the first time in history. They conspired to close all the border crossings, they conspired to prevent all raw material from entering into Gaza…even in matters of pilgrimage, they are conspiring to bar our people from carrying out their religious duties such as Umra (minor pilgrimage) and Hajj (pilgrimage).”.....

Haneyya accused Israel of seeking to carry out a new spate of slaughter in the Gaza Strip, with an American green light, and amid Arab and Muslim silence. “But, we say with all confidence in God Almighty that you, the invaders, shall not pass, God willing. This is Gaza , the graveyard of the invaders.”

Haneyya reviewed the conspiratorial conduct and treasonous behavior of the Ramallah-backed regime in league with Israel . He cited the mass arrest of Palestinian lawmakers, including House Speaker Dr. Aziz Duweik, who have been languishing in Israeli jails and detention camps for taking part and wining the 2006 elections, suggesting that there was a tacit understanding between Israel and the PA to keep these elected officials incarcerated indefinitely.

Haneyya also cited the deliberate neutralization of the judiciary, the disbanding of police forces and dismissal of thousands of civil servants as reprisal for their political and ideological affiliation. He added that “they even sought to utilize the Friday congregational prayers to achieve their cheap goals of sowing division and turbulence.”

Haneyya accused Fatah men of placing bombs and explosives in the markets in the Jabalya refugee camp, saying that the perpetrators who were caught told interrogators that they had to do it lest their salaries be severed by the Ramallah government.”

Haneyya blasted the reported willingness of the Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel as a state exclusively for the Jews. “This means killing the right of return; it also means that the Palestinians who live across the Green Line would have to leave at one point in the future on the ground that Israel is a Jewish state and they are not Jews.”......

We didn’t authorize anyone to give up the right of return, we didn’t authorize anyone to compromise on the Noble Jerusalem, and I assure you that even if all the powers of this world ganged up on us to force us to give up our rights, they won’t succeed.”

Haneyya castigated the Arab world for keeping Palestinian refugees from Iraq languishing and suffering in the Iraqi desert. He said it was a shame that these miserable Palestinian refugees, including women, had to go to Brazil to flee their misery and ordeal......

He accused Fatah of disseminating “these lies” in order to justify its own treasonous collusion and coordination with Israel , including the so-called security coordination between PA security apparatus and the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank .

Haneyya accused the Ramallah regime of seeking to eradicate Hamas in the West Bank, saying that as many as 1451 attacks were carried out against Hamas leaders, supporters, students, and institutions during the past four months....."

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