Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Daughter of the Irgun Terrorist Eitan Livni who Blew Up the King David Hotel Says, Since the Palestinians Still Have 10% of Palestine......

FM to U.S. envoy: Conditions not ripe for forming Palestinian state

"Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Sunday told visiting U.S. envoy James Jones that that the creation of a Palestinian state amid the current situation in the Gaza Strip and ongoing attacks on Israelis was not in line with Israel's security demands.

"Israel is obligated to respond to terror, and every process must offer a unilateral response to its security needs," said Livni. "The creation of a Palestinian state is not the required answer to Israel's security needs."

The foreign minister said a future Palestinian state must comprise officials "who want not only to live in peace with Israel, but are also able to fight terror and promise the realization of all of its security needs."

This need is essential "not just prior to the creation of the Palestinian state but also after its establishment," she added......."


Time to dump the traitor Abbas since he is too weak? It must be time to bring Marwan Barghouti out of the Israeli prison; he will do a better job ensuring "Israel's security."

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