Saturday, July 5, 2008

Aoun Warns Gathering of Resettling Palestinians


"05/07/2008 The first National Christian Forum was launched on Friday with a gathering that saw leading Christian figures attending, including former Phalange and Lebanese Forces members.

210 political, syndical, economic, intellectual and cultural figures took part in the meeting that was held in Dbayye, Beirut after months of preparations.

MP General Michel Aoun who initiated the gathering addressed the conferees, warning that Lebanon was still running the risk of Palestinian resettlement as Israel had denied them their right to return. "Lebanon is caught between the East and the West due to its pluralist composition. Its national unity is threatened, and its decision-making power is being taken to other capitals,” Aoun warned, adding that national unity could only be fostered through dialogue among all confessions. Aoun also called for a "joint conduct that would reassure the various sects," labeling Christians in Lebanon as "pioneers." "Christians should achieve solidarity with other sects," Aoun said, urging Christians to "heal their body from cancerous tumors."......"

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