Thursday, July 3, 2008

“It Is a Badge of Honor” – Thus Spoke a Real Leader

A Comment By Tony Sayegh

In yesterday’s press conference by Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah what struck me, among several things, was how he responded to the news that Britain decided to classify the military arm of Hizbullah as a “terrorist organization.”

With a totally calm and deliberate voice, he said, “What took them this long?” He added that he expected that for a long time. Then, without any attempts at niceties or diplomacy, he went on to describe Britain as the creator of the Zionist entity, starting with the Balfour declaration, and the permanent guardian of the Zionists while they ravaged Palestine and savaged the Palestinians. He then exposed Britain’s mendacity and hatred towards Islam by its knighting of Salman Rushdie and by giving prominent exposure to his writings insulting the Prophet.

Then he asked, “What do we expect from such a country?” Without mincing words, he said that he considered such a labeling of Hizbullah (as “terrorist”) as “a badge of honor, we wear proudly.” He then added that such a declaration from a colonial and anti-Arab and anti-Islam power re-affirmed that Hizbullah and the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine (as well as Iraq and Afghanistan) were on the right track. “We would have worried about ourselves, if they did not put us in such a category,” he concluded.

Say what you want about Sayyed Nasrallah, but such straightforwardness and boldness, with no diplomatic niceties, as well as his record of matching his words with his deeds, are what set him apart as the true one leader that a majority of Arabs admire and love. There is a little bit of similarity to the late Nasser in the straightforwardness part, but not much else. Nasser thrived on empty boasts but Nasrallah has been delivering.

I believe that the Arab masses are hungry for a strong leader (as Nasser was) who stands up to the West and tells it where to stick it. After all of the non-stop humiliation brought about for the past generation by all of the Arab quisling, the people are ready for a true leader. With the despicable Abbas, just two days ago, acting as a cheap broker to facilitate Israel’s penetration of and normalization with what is left of the Arab world, and he and the Iraqi stooge Talabani, groveling to the mass murderer Ehud Barak, the image could not get more humiliating.

Just for the sake of comparison let me compare Sayyed Nasrallah’s response to Hamas’ response to French president Sarkozy’s description over a week ago in Jerusalem of Hamas as a “terrorist organization.” What was the response from Hamas? Its spokesman meekly responded that”, such characterization is unfair!” Unfair! Is that all you can say? Hamas is trying to play nice and appear moderate to open the doors in Paris, you see.

Or how about that great leader of the “steadfastness front,” the lion-hearted Assad of all Assads? How does he respond to the bombing by Israel of his facilities deep inside Syria, the expelling of his troops from Lebanon, the killing of scores of Syrian workers at the Lebanese border by Israeli jets two summers ago, and much more? Well of course he responds by elevating the “negotiations” with Israel, going to the Annapolis circus, and by urging of the US to get directly involved to “push the negotiations” between him and Israel!

And do you wonder why most Arabs and Muslims love and admire Nasrallah?

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