Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breaking the West Bank

Israel's security barrier continues to divide and seize Palestinian land, yet Britain and the EU fail to take action

Chris Davies
(Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West)
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday November 04 2008

"We were expecting it, but the deafening noise of the first sound bomb still came as a shock. The cry went up, "gas, gas", and blue-white smoke hissed out from a tear gas grenade.

"No violence. No violence," someone shouted. "Hold your hands in the air." But the gesture was not reciprocated. The grenades kept coming, perhaps 20 in all. Fortunately the wind carried most of the gas away across the fields.........

These events took place last Friday, close to Bil'in, about 15 miles from Jerusalem. Israeli peace activists join each week with Palestinian villagers to demonstrate against the building of the so-called separation fence. It is a massive land grabbing exercise to create still more Jewish settlements, in this case even in defiance of an Israeli Supreme Court judgement.

Palestine, after 40 years of Israeli military occupation, is being coldly and cynically dismembered. The European Commission reports that the population of the settlements has grown by 5% since January alone. Military fortifications, impassable fences, and new connecting roads are separating Palestinian communities and turning them into bantustans (but even white South Africans never forbade blacks from using the roads). A Soviet-style system of identity passes restricts movement and prevents families from meeting...... "

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