Monday, November 3, 2008

Egypt fails on free speech

Along with arresting newspaper editors, the state security apparatus is restricting access to websites, and the internet itself

Ibrahim El Houdaiby, Monday November 03 2008

"The crackdown on freedom of speech is mounting in Egypt as the failed social and economic policies of the regime cause the state security apparatus to gain more power. A few days ago I sent out an email to my distribution list, with a link to a piece I've written for, the Muslim Brotherhood's official Arabic website. A few minutes later, a friend of mine who works for Al-Ahram, Egypt's largest public-owned newspaper, responded by email telling me she could not read the article as the access to the website is restricted.....

And whereas the assault on free press may lower the complaining and criticising voices in Egypt, it does absolutely nothing to resolve the epidemic social, economic and political illnesses of the country, which will eventually burst into something no one wants to see."

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