Monday, March 9, 2009

Gaza aid convoy 'attacked' in Egypt


Galloway, left, has called Mubarak an "international criminal" for not opening the Rafah crossing.

"A British convoy with medical relief for the Palestinian Gaza Strip has been pelted with stones and vandalised in the Egyptian town of El-Arish, 45km south of the Rafah border crossing.

Several people in the convoy were injured in the incident on Sunday according to Yvonne Ridley, one of the convoy organisers.

"It's an absolute disgrace... The power was cut. During cover of darkness members of our convoy were attacked with stones. "Vandals also wrote dirty words and anti-Hamas slogans," she said......

The Viva Palestina convoy, led by George Galloway, a British member of parliament, has caused controversy in Egypt.

Criticised Mubarak

Galloway has previously called Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's president, an "international criminal" for not permanently opening the Rafah crossing into Gaza........"

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