Sunday, April 12, 2009

Current Al-Jazeera (Arabic) Online Poll

This brand new poll asks:

Do you support keeping the Arab peace initiative with Israel on the negotiating table?

With over 800 responding so far, 93% said no.

NOTE: Early results in these polls tend to be the correct results, since the early sample is truly random. Arab regimes when they do not like the results of a certain poll, intervene heavily to change the results, en masse, in their favor.

A case in point is the previous poll which asked, "Do you believe the charges of the Egyptian government against Hizbullah?"

With the first 2,000 responding, 79% said no. When the Egyptian government got wind of the poll and ordered its functionaries to vote yes, the result went the other way. In a matter of two days, a massive number of "votes" were cast as "yes." From the initial 79% no, the final result (with about 55,000 "votes" cast!) was 48% no.

So there you have it with Arab democracy.

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