Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guardian Video: Baghdad: City of Walls, part 1: Scars of war

Baghdad, a traumatised city, wears its scars as a series of giant walls dividing its neighbourhoods.

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad reports from his hometown in the first part of his City of Walls video series.

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Thursday 16 April 2009

part 2: Crossing the wall

Eight new ghettos divide Baghdad's Shia and Sunni neighbourhoods. In the second film of his City of Walls series Ghaith Abdul-Ahad looks across the wall from Sunni Khaadimiyah to Shia Khazira, where murder, hatred and division are perilously close to the surface.

part 3: City of the dead

From a Sadr City graveyard to the orphans of the conflict, what legacy will the poison of hatred and violence bequeath Baghdad? Ghaith Abdul-Ahad reports in the third film from his City of Walls video series.

part 4: Hope in hell?

March 2009. There are glimmers of hope within the cantonised neighbourhoods of Baghdad but grief and hatred run deep and wounds are fresh. In the final film from his City of Walls video series, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad finds there is evidence that the killing is still going on...

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