Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Fallujah video game infuriates some military families

A Raleigh company that plans to release a video game about one of the Iraq war's bloodiest battles is running into a buzzsaw of criticism.

The game, "Six Days in Fallujah," is being made with the help of Marines who fought in the battle, and its defenders say it provides a history lesson about what Atomic president Peter Tamte has described as “the largest urban military assault in about half a century.”

But it has hit a nerve because U.S. soldiers are still dying in Iraq — on Friday, five soldiers were killed in the deadliest attack in a year. The controversy raises questions about the line that divides art and entertainment; books and movies about the Iraq war haven't aroused similar protests.[Comment: What distresses the white man is his soldiers dying, the death of sand niggers is irrlevant]

The battle made November 2004 the most fatal of the Iraq war for U.S. troops. An unknown number of civilians died. .[Comment: Arabs don't count]

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