Friday, April 17, 2009

Egypt Trying to Find Balance Through Anti-Lieberman Stance


"17/04/2009 The Egyptian regime is embarrassed by Israel's recent remarks that it provided Cairo with intelligence about the so called Hezbollah network in Egypt. Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit has been seeking to establish a sort of balance in the Egyptian stance regarding the assault on Hezbollah and cut the road for any Egyptian and Arab public speculation that would put his country under suspicion of collusion with Israel......

Israeli observers have revealed that Egypt's next step, after Hezbollah, will be campaigning against Hamas. Ephraim Kam, deputy head of the Israeli institute for national security studies said that the Egyptian position bore two significant aspects for Israel. It is necessary that Egypt take radical steps against terror groups that are seeking to attack Israel. It is also in Israel's interest that an Arab country openly challenges the extremist tripartite Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah and portray them as enemies to Arab moderates, Kam said. He expressed belief that Egypt will be ready to accept intelligence from Israel against this axis in a covert manner given the sensitivity of cooperating with Israel that would expose Egypt to Arab criticism.

Egypt's next step will be aiming at Hamas and Cairo will give the movement the choice to either be with it or be dealt with as an enemy, like Hezbollah, Ehud Yaari, an Israeli journalist specializing in Arab affairs, said.

Mutual interests on the strategic level between us and Egypt are stronger than they used to be two decades ago. We have a mutual enemy that is Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, Eli Shakid said......."

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