Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Iraq in Fragments

by Dahr Jamail, April 14, 2009

".....Having recently returned from Iraq, I experienced living in Baghdad where people were dying violent deaths on a daily basis. Nearly every day of the month I spent there saw a car bomb attack somewhere in the capital city. Nearly every day the so-called Green Zone was mortared. Every day there were kidnappings. On good days there were four hours of electricity on the national grid, in a country now into its seventh year of being occupied by the U.S. military, and where there are now over 200,000 private contractors.

Upon returning home, I experienced the disconnect between that reality, lived by roughly 25 million Iraqis, and the surreal experience of living in the United States – where most media outlets pretend the occupation of Iraq is either not happening, or use the yardstick of decreased U.S. military personnel deaths in Iraq as a measure of success......."

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