Friday, April 24, 2009

Netanyahu: We will not freeze settlement construction

"Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated on Thursday that Israel does not intend to freeze the expansion and construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank........The Israeli PM said that this issue should be parallel, stating the “if the Israeli’s were barred from building in the West Bank, the Palestinians should refrain from building too”.

This position disregards the fact that settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegal under the international law and constitute a war crime.......

Netanyahu said that the “West Bank is a disputed territory” and that he does not intend to halt the construction and expansion of settlements.......

He slammed some European Legislators who are saying the EU should not upgrade its relations with Israel because of its violations against the Palestinians.

Netanyahu stated that relations with Israel should not be dependent on Israel’s relations with the Palestinians, and added that Israel will not accept preconditions.

The statements of Netanyahu come in direct contradiction to international law especially since Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are built on areas stolen from the Palestinian. "

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