Monday, April 20, 2009

You Should Never Reconcile with the Thugs and Collaborators of the PA. You Deal with Them as Hizbullah did with Antoine Lahad.

Hamas legislator wounded by P.A. Security in West Bank

(Left: PA "Security" Thugs Confronting Palestinian Demonstrators in Al-Khalil)

"Hamid Al-Beitawi, a Palestinian Legislative Council member with the Hamas party, was injured Sunday in Nablus by shrapnel from a bullet fired by a Palestinian Authority security officer of the rival Fateh party......

Al-Beitawi told local reporters that he was confronted by a P.A. Security officer when he and his son were leaving the mosque in Nablus after morning prayers. The Palestinian Authority in Nablus said that they had not ordered the officer to carry out the action, and arrested the officer for misusing his authority.....

....The U.S. And Israel have encouraged factional fighting between Hamas and Fateh, and helped put into power the un-elected Fateh government currently ruling in the West Bank. Hamas continues to run the government in the Gaza Strip, and have suffered debilitating closure and a full blockade imposed by Israel and the U.S. As a result."

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