Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The naked emperor

By Pepe Escobar
Asia Times

"Using its house-trained corporate media as a mouthpiece, the Western establishment is having a collective hissy fit about recent diplomatic disclosures from WikiLeaks. But far from being a security risk, these leaked cables mostly just reveal the world of international politics as a tawdry reality show....

The Wiki reality show will go on for weeks as new gossip is dumped online. At least the show once again proves that the real information is on the Internet - not on global corporate media; and global citizens should make the best use of it to unmask, and ridicule, power.

It's salutary to learn that the emperor, in secret, bad-mouths his friends and sycophants as much as his enemies. And also to learn that the emperor is no friend of democratized information. But now that the emperor is indeed naked, we should all celebrate these cable-writers, friends, enemies and sycophants for bringing us this priceless reality show - a sort of extended The Naked Gun. Pity the late, great Leslie Nielsen won't be able to join us."

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