Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yemeni president 'bizarre and petulant', WikiLeaks cables claim

Ali Abdullah Saleh driven by fear of country becoming 'worse than Somalia' as al-Qaida tightens grip, say embassy files

Robert Booth and Ian Black, Friday 3 December 2010

"Yemen's long-serving president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, emerges from the US embassy cables as a perplexing partner in the "war on terror" who flits from disdain for the Americans to congeniality while all the time wrestling to keep a lid on the simmering tensions in a country that he warns is on the brink of becoming "worse than Somalia".

The 64-year-old, who has ruled Yemen for half his life, is variously labelled as "petulant" and "bizarre" in his negotiations with US security officials who met him in Yemen on several occasions in 2009 as concern grew about al-Qaida's resurgence in the country.

In a series of three meetings Saleh painted a picture of himself as a leader on the brink of disaster whose policies are marked by unpredictable.....

....But in more shrill exchanges he presents himself as besieged and reliant on foreign powers to save a country whose politics is complicated by delicate family and tribal considerations and deep poverty.

In a September 2009 meeting with Brennan he sketched out the depth of the problems he has in running Yemen while fighting al-Qaida and two home-grown rebellions......

Saleh complained to Brennan that the US had produced "only words but no solutions" to the terrorism issue in Yemen and demanded more funds and equipment, despite Washington spending $115m (£73m) equipping Yemen's counter-terrorism forces since 2002.

To the Americans, his negotiating tactics appear sometimes confused. Despite nagging Washington for cash in one meeting, he then declares a "preference for infrastructure and equipment over cash [which] displays a lack of confidence in his own regime's ability to handle liquid assets and hardly provides a viable solution for stemming the curb of corruption in the long run"....."

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