Friday, December 3, 2010

Al-Akhbar Citing Wikileaks: Some Lebanese Figures were US Informers


"02/12/2010 Al-Akhbar newspaper started on Thursday to release texts of correspondences between the American embassy in Beirut and the US Department of State in Washington concerning political and security details being published on the Wikileaks website. [See link that was posted on PP yesterday]

“The scandalous details of the meetings that took place between the US ambassador in Lebanon and Former Lebanese Minister of Telecommunications and Lebanese Defense Minister Elias el-Murr unveil they were collaborating with a foreign side like informers instigating against other Lebanese side without limits,” the daily said. It also revealed that if the list of expenses which was spent by Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman in Beirut was uncovered, “then one can understand the reason behind these officials’ enthusiasm and immoderation in submitting information to the US embassy.”

Al-Akhbar said that these documents prove the extent of politicization in the UN investigation in the assassination of former premier Rafiq Hariri. “It also proves the internal involvement in the open war on Hezbollah and [Free Patriotic Movement leader] General Michel Aoun and the West’s indifference in anything in Lebanon except what is related with Israel’s security,” it added.

The daily ended up by saying that “who wants to look into these documents should be ready first to accept that the majority of governments in our Arab World are ready to sell anything in order to stay in its power place… and then they tell you about freedom sovereignty and independence.”"

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