Thursday, May 26, 2011

Syrian student tells of torture ordeal in mass stadium detention

A 25-year-old university student tells Amnesty International of the beatings and torture he and other detainees suffered while held in a sports stadium after he was seized with his 73- year-old father by security forces from their home in the coastal town of Banias on 8 May.

24 May 2011

"....“They were particularly targeting those men with long beards [possibly perceived as Islamists opposed to the state] in their beatings. There was one man with a long beard who was a sailor, not an Islamist. They beat him so badly on his face, he bled a lot....

“Two incidents during detention made me feel very bad. One related to my cousin. He is also my friend and was among the detainees. His eyesight is so weak that he is almost blind. He told the security: ‘I can’t see. I have a card that shows I have disabilities.’ They came to him and started beating him hard. I saw blood had run down from behind his ears on both sides.

“The other incident is related to a boy of possibly 15 years old or less. He had blisters on the back of one of his hands… I asked fellow detainees what had happened to his hand and they told me the blisters were caused by the security personnel burning him using a lighter. [Hassan Nasrallah wants this boy to support the butchers!]

A doctor, who is around 32 and works at the Jam’iyat al-Birr wa al-Khadamat Hospital was beaten so badly that his hand was broken. The security said the hospital treated what they called ‘terrorists’....."

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