Friday, September 23, 2011

Syrian teenager believed to be first female to die in custody since uprising

Zainab al-Hosni's mutilated remains were found by her family in a morgue, according to Amnesty International

Associated Press in Beirut, Friday 23 September 2011

Also, See This From Amnesty International:

New evidence of Syria brutality emerges as woman's mutilated body is found

"An 18-year-old Syrian woman, whose mutilated body was discovered in a morgue, is believed to be the first female to die in custody during the country's six-month-old uprising, Amnesty International has said.

The family of Zainab al-Hosni found her corpse by chance as they searched for her activist brother's body in the city of Homs, the human rights group said. The family said she had been decapitated, her arms cut off, and skin removed.

"If it is confirmed that Zainab was in custody when she died, this would be one of the most disturbing cases of a death in detention we have seen so far," said Philip Luther, Amnesty's deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa.

Amnesty said Ms Hosni was abducted by plainclothes individuals believed to be members of the security forces on 27 July, apparently to pressure her activist brother Mohammad Deeb al-Hosni to turn himself in.

The deaths of Ms Hosni and her brother bring to 103 the number of people who have been reported killed in Syrian custody since the uprising began in March, Amnesty said. Overall, the UN estimates 2,600 people have been killed since the revolt began in March, and there is no sign of either side giving up......"

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