Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bunga, Zenga and Bandana Narratives: 2011

Bunga bunga, zenga zenga accentuated the overall disillusionment with politicians in every corner of the world.

Larbi Sadiki

"Exeter, UK - Zenga zenga, bunga bunga!

These are words that will ring out for a long time, capturing the highs and lows of 2011. They resonate with the message of how even in this day and age checked and unchecked power can still corrupt.

But even the masters of zenga zenga, bunga bunga politics do not possess all of the keys for indefinitely locking out people power or stopping it erupt.

Simply, no narration of the year that has been can ignore these words as signifiers of opprobrium, disdain and defiance against political corruption and monopoly....

Global disillusion with politics

Bunga bunga virtually conveys the idea of the ruled being taken for a ride by the rulers. The spin, sleaze and corruption are global. The presence or absence of rule of law is what makes a difference, preventing abuse of office to fester or to be nipped in the bud and punished.

Berlusconi and Gaddafi, differently, stamped the vocation of politics with self-centrism, personalism and self-aggrandisement through hedonistic and/or dynastic tendencies.....

"The disrepute to politics from the acts of two rulers... makes 'zenga zenga bunga bunga' apt to denote misrule and its effect beyond Italy and Libya."....."

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