Sunday, July 1, 2012

Al-Jazeera Video: Alawite activists flee to Turkey


The only way this murderous regime is going to be brought down (and there is no doubt that it will be), is for the Syrian people to rely on themselves and wage an all-out guerrilla war on the regime. It will take time and will cost a lot, but that is the only way for the Syrians to accomplish their own goals, not those of Russia, nor those of the West.

It is clear by now that both the West and Russia only want a "managed transition" to another regime which they will still control. The West has oil routes on its mind and Russia has bases on its mind. To hell with both.

Unconditional assistance by supplying arms, may be acceptable, as long as it is unconditional. Otherwise, the Syrians have sufficient resources of their own.

"Alawite activists working with the Syrian opposition have been fleeing across the border to Turkey, in fear of their lives.

Because Bashar al-Assad's government and military is largely Alawite, many from the Sunni-majority opposition distrust Alawis who say they are against the government.

In fact, some Alawis have secretly worked against the Assad regime for years, risking their lives and the safety of their families.

Most Alawis who side with the revolution are looked at by their Sunni counterparts as spies or agents of Assad.

According to one Alawite activist currently living in Turkey, many Alawis have stayed silent out of fear for their lives.

Assad often projects an image of protector of the Alawite community - along with other minorities like Christians - warning the communities that if the Sunni opposition is successful, they will have much more to fear.

According to the activist, many Alawis know this is a lie, but can "do nothing".

Anita McNaught reports from Antakya, Turkey."

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anan said...

Tony and Zara, how can the Syrian opposition defeat Assad unless Russia switches sides?

Should the Syrian freedom movement agree on bases for Russia post Assad as a way to persuade Russia to switch sides and support Syrian freedom?

Neither of you answer this question.

You both seem to be calling for international support for the Free Syrian Army. But I think you are unrealistic to think that the US, Europe and international community are willing to take on Russia for Syrian freedom.