Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A REPOST FROM NOVEMBER 12, 2007: And Now Elliott Abrams and Condoleezza Rice Bring You The Latest Color-Coded “Revolution”


By Tony Sayegh

".....The mendacity of this regime in Ramallah is that it uses Arafat’s memory to suit its own designs even though Arafat would never agree to the collusion of the regime and the Israeli occupiers and the total abandonment of Palestinian rights which the Ramallah regime is prepared to do in the Annapolis meeting. It is a cynical use of Arafat’s memory as a smokescreen to cover up the treason of Abbas and company.

What is even more contemptible is that the Abbas team, including Mohammad Dahlan, were involved in the poisoning of Arafat. The very same people who are shedding tears, erecting monuments and organizing rallies for Arafat, were those who worked to remove Arafat from the scene since he became an obstacle to USraeli plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause. It was none other than Dahlan who wrote a letter to Shaul Mofaz [who was scheduled to meet Abbas in Ramallah] (Israel’s defense minister at the time) telling him to, “leave it to us to get rid of Arafat in our own way.” Dahlan received special training in Britain in handling small amounts of radio-active poison (most likely polonium) and how to introduce it in Arafat’s food. The poison is very slow acting and is very hard to detect.

Abbas, Dahlan and the rest of the gang, until this day, have prevented the medical report about Arafat’s death from being released.

If we look at the bigger picture we see that George W. Bush has personally demanded that Dahlan be in the Palestinian delegation to Annapolis. More importantly, he will be a pivotal player in subsequent “negotiations” on final issues. In other words he is most trusted by Bush and Israel to sacrifice all of the Major Palestinian rights from Jerusalem to the right of return, and the end of the occupation. It is not far fetched, and in keeping with the US tradition, to remove Abbas from the scene at a given point (polonium anyone?) and to install Dahlan as the Palestinian dictator-in-chief....."

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