Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On Maspero Massacre anniversary, Egypt must recognize the problem

By Joseph Mayton
Bikya Masr

".....The Christian community in Egypt has been denied their basic rights for decades. They have been unable to build houses of worship, have faced discrimination, have been attacked at church services, and have suffered various injustices that have resulted in resentment, anger and often exodus.

Egypt must recognize and admit that sectarianism exists and is a problem. In doing so, the country can begin to look for solutions to the divide that is growing among Christians and Muslims in the country. It will no longer suffice to remain stalwart in the belief that Muslims and Christians have lived together in harmony for years. Continuing to blind ourselves to the real issues at hand will only allow for more Maspero-like events to happen.

If we want this apparent cycle of violence and hatred to end, let all Egyptians stand up, regardless of faith, and announce their desire to end religious-based hate. Only then, by accepting and admitting that the problem exists, can Egypt make the new, post-revolution country a true model to follow."

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