Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Egypt shows revolution is not dead

By Joseph Mayton
Bikya Masr

".....“This has the feel of the revolution’s days,” one waiter told me as the television blared the chants throughout the cafe. He might be more right than ever.
The majority of Egyptians are in support of what is happening today. The “Last Warning” to Morsi is resounding across the country. At the palace, in Tahrir, in cities and towns across Egypt. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have been warned.
This is clear. The Brotherhood might have won an election, but they have failed to support and adequately follow democratic norms. Morsi wants to be a dictator – it appears – and Egyptians will have none of that.
It could be called day 19, day 26, day whatever, the revolutionary spirit that was rekindled on November 23, a day after the decree that gave Morsi powers above judicial review, has been turning ever since. It may not be stopped until Morsi has been removed.....

Now, for arguably the first time in two years, Egyptians are coming together, just like in January 2011, without the Brotherhood. The Egyptian uprising that ousted Mubarak was not supported by the Brotherhood; they chose to remain on the sidelines as Egyptians bled and died for change.
Today, they thought they could take advantage of those deaths by taking complete control of the country. How little they obviously knew about the Egyptians they supposedly wanted to rule.
Winning elections is one thing, but winning the hearts and minds of Egyptians is something altogether different. Today, December 4, 2012, will be a turning point in the battle for Egypt’s future. Will it force Morsi out; force him to withdraw the decree? That is yet to be seen. One thing is certain, however, the revolution is not dead."

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