Thursday, December 6, 2012

Unraveling the Ikhwanweb’s lies: A look into their Twitter feed

By Joseph Mayton
Bikya Masr

"CAIRO: When supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood attacked and tore down a peaceful sit-in in front of Egypt’s Presidential Palace on Wednesday, it set off clashes that continued into Thursday morning.
Videos, first-person testimony and a myriad of other reports revealed that Brotherhood supporters were brutally attacking people. Images on Egyptian television channels showed attack and attack in what could be described as vigilantism by Brotherhood supporters.
On the micro-blogging site Twitter, online activists, journalists and observers followed the tweets of Ikhwanweb, the English-language handle of the Brotherhood. There became a pattern of anger and sarcasm as each new tweet was posted that defied the reality and the reports coming from the area near the palace.
Let us look at the tweets and deliver a reality-check for those who were posting such erroneous statements on Twitter that were read by tens of thousands of followers. will take the tweets published on December 5 and through mid-day December 6.
We condemn use of violence & vandalism by some protesters outside Itehadyya presidential palace, it’s undemocratic & uncivilized
This tweet was written before the Brotherhood attacked the tents and ostensibly referred to the Tuesday night march of hundreds of thousands on the palace. It’s an odd statement to make, considering Tuesday protest was largely peaceful, despite a few initial incidents. Maybe the Brotherhood was preparing their supporters for what was to come only a few hours later.
Muslim Brotherhood & Islamist parties call for Million-Man March today afternoon outside Itehadyya palace in supprt of the elected president
Yes, this is correct. But the failure to mention or tell their supporters to remain calm and refrain from violence against peaceful protesters is extremely foreboding, knowing what happened when the Brotherhood arrived at the palace.
VP Meky: police has strict orders for restraint,but trying to climb fence, throwing Molotov & attacking motorcade will b strongly dealt with
VP: dialogue shld continue around controversial const articles, amendments can be presented to new parl’t for ratification
Okay, reporting Mekki’s speech. Fair enough.
Coalition of opposition parties and figures welcome president’s call for dialogue around recent initiatives to resolve current crisis
This is almost true. The reality is that as they tweet this, the Brotherhood is preparing for a battle with the people and it fails to continue to talk about any real points to a dialogue. Never once throughout the past two days did they mention why Morsi had not yet spoken to the country.
Armed mobs with live ammunition & Molotov attack MB protesters outside Itehadyya palace, killing one and injuring several others
This is the real beginning of the propaganda machine. In fact, the reality, eye witnesses and on-the-ground reports indicate that it was the Brotherhood who was using these tactics against anti-Morsi protesters. This tweet is eerily similar to the language used by the Mubarak regime in its final days, in a vain effort to deflect from the reality that its people were attacking, and killing, protesters. The only live ammunition used on Wednesday came from the Brotherhood side. Anyone who has ever covered, participated or spoken to protesters over the past two years knows full well that guns have never been part of their action against police, but here we see the Brotherhood claiming the anti-Morsi protesters are ostensibly “thugs.”
We hold opposition figures, namely Sabbahi & ElBaradei, fully responsible for escalation of violence & inciting their supporters
This is appearing as the official line of the Brotherhood. The reality is that the Brotherhood, by calling for a demonstration at a location where a protest was taking place was the incitement of violence. But again, there is no responsibility taken.
Mubarak regime loyalists & remnants r arming thugs to attack protestors, spread violence & chaos, Egyptian ppl won’t allow this to happen
Ikhwanweb is right, the Egyptian people will not allow a dictator and his supporters to attack and murder civilians. The only problem is that the anti-Morsi supporters are voicing their anger at the Brotherhood. There is simply no evidence to support these claims. In essence, it is more lies to support their violent action on Wednesday.
Freedom & Justice Party HQ in Suez has been attacked, destroyed #FJP #Egypt
True fact.
Thugs armed w Molotov attack Freedom & Justice Party HQ in Isma’lyya during a meeting setting it ablaze, no fatalities
The continued use of “thugs” is another Mubarak tactic used when their National Democratic Party (NDP) offices were attacked. While violence should be condemned, referring to protesters, however angry, as thugs is a politically charged statement that incites Egyptians to violence.
MB leader & attorney, Sobhi Saleh, assualted by opposition & felol thugs, admitted to ICU in critical condition …
True fact. But again, this could have gone further to thank anti-Morsi supporters who condemned the violent attack on Saleh, but they didn’t.
Two Morsi supporters suffer gunshot wounds, attacked by thugs
This is an almost ironic tweet, considering we knew that the only people with guns were the Brotherhood supporters. Friendly fire? Maybe just outright inaccurate. We needed more information on what occurred.
UPDATE: 3 killed, more than 350 injured in attacks by armed thugs belonging to opposition & Mubarak regime remnants in Itehadyya perimeter
Yes. Three people were confirmed to have been killed by Wednesday evening, but they were certainly not murdered by Mubarak remnants. They were likely killed by the Brotherhood. The evidence points to this and dispels this lie.
President Morsi to address the nation on Thursesday, reveal important facts, and discuss initiatives to resolve current crisis
Is he? At 8 PM on Thursday, two hours past his scheduled appearance, Morsi has yet to address Egypt.
We can all follow the English Language Twitter feed of the Brotherhood, but the lies and propaganda that are being leveled at the anti-Morsi protesters is wrong, inciting and pulling the country apart. Everyone must choose for themselves the truth of what happened on Wednesday at the palace."

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