Sunday, November 12, 2006



Oslo November 8, 2006

"The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions is following the tragic situation resulted from the continuous Israeli aggression on the Palestinian territories in Gaza Strip and the West Bank LO-Norway strongly condemns the ruthless war launched by Israeli Military Forces on the Palestinian civilians which killed sixty two Palestinians in Beit Hannon during the last 5 days, in the absence and the silence of any reaction from the international .community Israel continues its disproportionate and undiscriminating attack in violation of international humanitarian, law causing further killing of and 18 injured more than of 45 innocent, civilians most of them are school children and women in Gaza and another 5 in Jenin area in the West Bank early today the 8th of November in addition to the human loss of destruction of civilian properties and public infrastructure LO Norway urges the Norwegian Government to put immediate pressure on Israel to stop this daily aggression against the Palestinian people LO-Norway call upon all international trade ,unions labour organizations and other civil society organizations to take urgent action by requesting their governments intervention to stop the dirty war and continuous massacres against the Palestinians civilians and to lift the closures imposed on the Palestinian territories to enable Palestinians to develop and improve their national economy to be able to meet the people needs from opportunities for jobs and income LO-Norway call upon the Israeli ,Government especially the War Minister Amir Peretz who gave the orders to his army to stop their crimes of bloodshed of the civilians and to be integrated in real peace negotiation with the elected Palestinian leaders to reach to :fair peace Peace based on the International law and Security Council Resolutions that enables the Palestinian to live in peace in their independent state on all territories occupied in 1967 aside the state of Israel."

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