Sunday, June 3, 2007

Can the Lebanese army fight America's war against terror?

In this article, Robert Fisk again shows his bias and misrepresentation of the facts. He repeats the lie that Syria is probably supporting Fath Al-Islam, even though it makes no sense. He talks about the Lebanese Army fighting Palestinians in Nahr El-Bared when it is a fact that Fath Al-Islam is mostly non-Palestinian. He does not mention a word about the role of his dear benefactor Saad Hariri in establishing this very same Fath Al-Islam that the Siniora government is valiantly fighting now. No mention by Fisk of Seymour Hersh's leaks, well before this latest crisis, about the role of Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and the Siniora government in arming these "Sunni" groups as a counterweight against Hizbullah.

Shame on you Robert Fisk! You sold your soul and credibility for a fistful of Hariri dollars.

"......They are shelled by the Lebanese army. In fact, Lebanese Gazelle helicopters machine-gunned them yesterday. Another chapter in the war on terror.

In reality, it is another tragedy in that same conflict (though let's delete the word "terror"). The Gazelles have no rockets - courtesy of the United States, because Israel fears they will be used against its own forces.

The Belgians even offered Leopard tanks - again vetoed by the United States - in case the Lebanese used them against the Israelis. So the Lebanese are armed sufficiently to fight Palestinians, but not enough to fight their enemies on their southern frontier.......

So can the Lebanese army really fight America's war in the north of this country? Though composed of Shias, Sunnis, Druze and Christians, it has held together. But it was not created to fight the West's wars in the Middle East......

They were assured - as they hoped they would be - by Hizbollah that their soldiers in the enlarged peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon would be protected from al-Qa'ida and their friends in Fatah al-Islam. They were also told that if Israel attacked Lebanon again this summer, there would be a far fiercer war than the 34-day conflict last June and July. North of the Litani River - and amid the conflict in northern Lebanon this has gone unreported - the Hizbollah is building new roads and bunkers in preparation for the next battle with Israel......"

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