Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Condoleezza's Legacy

by John Taylor

"History will not be kind to Condi Rice. The United States has had a number of distinguished secretaries of state since World War II, but she will not be counted among them. Although it would be unfair to compare Rice to George Marshall, the architect of the Marshall Plan, which began economic integration in Western Europe, her performance pales in comparison to the independence, integrity, and leadership of a Dean Acheson or a James Baker. Condi Rice will be remembered chiefly for her unswerving personal loyalty to George Bush and her unstinting efforts to sell the neocons' dysfunctional foreign policy to an increasingly skeptical nation and hostile world......

One wonders just how many Syrians and other Arabs are anxious for the United States to bring freedom and democracy to them. Most people are not keen to pack a suitcase, leave everything else behind, and run for their lives. Four million displaced Iraqis represent 15 percent of the country's prewar population of 27 million. The equivalent figure for the United States would be 45 million displaced. The number of Iraqis who have fled their homes reveals, better than any other fact or statistic, the scope of the disaster that has befallen Iraq since the American invasion. This immense human suffering will be Condi Rice's legacy."

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