Friday, October 5, 2007

US aid dependency: The road to ruin

Hicham Safieddine, Electronic Lebanon, Oct 5, 2007

"The true measure of the alliance of any two states or political groups rests on an accurate and fair reading of two forms of support: military aid and economic assistance, and reaching a verdict about these two forms of support is based on the examination of three properties of such aid: 1) The monetary value (size or quantity) of this aid; 2) The declared and hidden objectives of this aid; and 3) The conditions attached to it (the quality of this aid). Based on these criteria, Hicham Safieddine asks, what is the truth behind the US support for Lebanon, in numbers and according to Washington's own sources?.....

Understanding US aid to Lebanon, and comparing it to similar patterns in Palestine and Iraq in light of this overall map of US aid to the region, leaves little doubt that Lebanese (and by extension Palestinian and Iraqi) politicians betting on the goodwill and unmatched power of Washington to build their country's defenses, are doing so out of either unintentional or willful ignorance, and both are a recipe for further instability and a disregard for the safety and security of their people."

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