Thursday, October 4, 2007

US hawk David Wurmser 'plotted Iran war'

One of the most controversial figures in American foreign policy over the past decade, David Wurmser has been accused of spying for Israel, plotting a war with Iran and peddling lies to engineer what he still refers to as "the American liberation of Iraq".

".....For the first two he was a special adviser to his intellectual mentor Mr Bolton, an outspoken proponent of the unilateral use of American power.

But it was in 1996 that Mr Wurmser first shot to notoriety when he was one of the authors of a document entitled "Clean Break" produced for Benjamin Netanyahu, then Israel's prime minister.

Its authors, who also included Richard Perle, a leading light in neoconservatism, Mr Feith, and Mr Wurmser's wife Meyrav, advocated pre-emptive strikes against Iran and Syria and the abandonment of traditional "land for peace" negotiations with Palestinians......."

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