Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why a "two-state solution" in Palestine is absurd

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By Abdul Alhazred
The People's Voice

"Before I get going, consider this map. It shows why all talk of a "two state solution" in Palestine is absurd. The red areas are where Palestinians live in the occupied territories. These areas are not accurate, and not to scale. Around each red area is a gray line representing apartheid walls, plus other barriers – again, not to scale.

The Israeli plan is to restrict Palestinians to these isolated ghettos, and starve them inside. Isolation is achieved by the apartheid walls, plus the other barriers, fences, Jews-only roads, and so on.

The walls and barriers have nothing to do with Jewish “security.” They are designed to squeeze Palestinians into oblivion.

Whenever Jews talk about a “two-state” solution, the red areas you see here are literally what Jews mean by a “Palestinian state,” namely a patchwork of prison-ghettos. How would Palestinians move back and forth between the red areas? Answer: they wouldn’t. Each area is cut off from all other areas.

Is that a "state"?

Incidentally, in a “two-state solution,” all Palestinians outside the occupied territories would have to move into the tiny red zones. This is what the collaborationist Abbas is pushing for.

But wait . . . wouldn’t the Jews tear down the walls between the Palestinian ghettos? What do you think? -The point is that that the Haaretz document (see below) confirms that Jews have one goal: to get all Palestinians out of Palestine. All talk of "peace" or a "two-state solution" is lies, lies, and more lies.

Haaretz document confirms Jewish plan for Palestinians

I thought this was interesting from a historical perspective.

You know that Israeli “peace processes” are meant to distract everyone while Jews continue to push all Palestinians out of Palestine.

You also know the Palestininians were wrongly blamed for the breakdown of the Camp David "peace" talks in 2000.

Jonathan Cook wrote a piece at Electronic Intifada [Was posted here] that mentions some interesting things......."

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