Monday, March 17, 2008

Egyptians Love Their Pharaoh

"This is a joke that Egyptians are spreading:

"واحد اتحشر في زحمة المرور فلقى واحد بيخبطّله على شباك السيارة
فتح الشباك و سأله: عايز ايه ؟
قاله : الرئيس حسني مبارك خطفوه و الفدية 5 مليون دولار و لو الفدية مااتدفعتش ..
الخاطفين هددوا يدلقوا عليه بنزين و يولعوا فيه..واحنا بنجمع تبرعات .. تحب تشارك ؟
الرجل سأل: و في المتوسط الناس بتتبرع بكام ؟
"الرجل الثاني : من 5 الى 10 لتر بنزين

Translation by Claire:

"A guy gets stuck in a traffic jam when a man knocks on his window.

He opened the window and asked:
What do you want?

He answered:
President Mubarak was kidnapped, and the ransom is 5 million dollars. If the kidnappers don't get the ransom, they threatened to douse him with gasoline and light him up. So we're out here taking donations. Would you like to participate?

The driver answered:
How much are people donating on average?

The man answered:
Between 5 and 10 liters of gas."

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