Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kosovo: Typical Example of the Third Wave of Nationalism

Collaborationist Nationalisms in Service of the Capitalist Core

By Dr. Adel Samara
In occupied Ramallah

Since the core capitalist countries, the center of globalized capitalism, decided to disintegrate Yugoslavia, especially the separation and independence of Kosovo from Serbia, many have attempted to draw analogies and look for similarities between the two cases, Kosovo and Palestine. Some Palestinians began talking about declaring unilateral independence. The irony here is that the Palestinian leadership already declared independence in its National Council meeting in Algiers in 1988......

Much has been written about similarities between Kosovo and Palestine, but it is beneficial to mention some differences between those two cases.

Following the collapse of ex "socialist" Eastern Europe, the Balkan region became a "fresh" area to be exploited by two of the triad capitalist core, i.e. the United States and EU at least as a reservoir of cheap labor. This opened the door for the creation of several client states similar to Israel, at least in terms of its role as a watchdog.

But, in the Arab Homeland, the situation is different, i.e. the capitalist core is not in need for another Israel. Many Arabs have failed to grasp this fact ant that is why the Maronites in Lebanon have never received full support of the core capitalist countries to build their own state.

In terms of fragmentation of Arab Homeland, it is already fragmented, and there is much work to apply the mentioned policy of "disintegrating countries of the periphery" while "centralizing Core Capitalist Countries", taking into consideration that it is not at the cost of Israel by any means. Any Palestinian state, in real terms, will be against the interests of Israel. Even a client Palestinian state is not necessary because there are plenty of Arab regimes which serve imperialist interests in the region. A client Palestinian state has nothing important to add.

Finally, many Kosovars may be grateful to the core capitalist countries for their ‘assistance’, but in Palestine, those who would thank the core capitalist regimes are very few: the upper political shell and capitalist and intellectual comprador. This will never attract the core to sacrifice Israel for the sake of this very small minority. What capitalism needs in this era of globalization are collaborating nations and not individual agents."

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