Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Afghan war takes a hit

Glasnost sweeps Britain as questions mount over the purpose of the mission

The Toronto Sun


According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, America's smartest strategist, NATO serves as a "stepping stone" for America's domination of Europe.

Japan fulfils the same role for the U.S. in Asia. The Soviet Union similarly used the defunct Warsaw Pact to dominate Eastern Europe.

The U.S. also uses NATO to help deter the creation of a truly united -- and rival -- Europe with its own unified armed forces.

NATO's defeat in Afghanistan would raise questions over the alliance's continuing purpose and obedience to U.S. strategic demands -- Afghanistan being a prime example. Calls inevitably will come for empowerment of the European Defence Union, an independent European armed force that answers to the EU Brussels, not to Washington.

This, I believe, is one of the primary reasons why vested interests in Washington have prevailed on the young, inexperienced president to expand the war in Afghanistan. America's influence in Europe depends on victory in Afghanistan.

The U.S. and its western auxiliaries cannot be seen to be defeated by a bunch of lightly-armed Afghan tribesmen.

The last empire that affronted them, the mighty Soviet Union, lost and quickly fell apart. Its imperial rival, the United States, clearly took this dire lesson to heart. "

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